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BlackBerry Personal

If you have a personal BlackBerry you will need to login to your BlackBerry provider, remove your old POP email configuration, and create a new one.  The procedure is a little different for each phone company and you are encouraged to call your phone company if you have any difficulties.  Here is an example of creating a POP account using a BlackBerry.com Blackberry Internet Service account.  The configuration should be similiar for other providers:

1) Log in to your BlackBerry Internet Service account.

2) Click 'Profile' along the top of the 'Home Page.'

3) Click 'other email accounts' in the 'Email Accounts' section of your profile.

4) Click 'Add Account.'

5) Enter the information for your Margaritaville address.
  • Email Address: Enter your full Margaritaville email address (including '@margaritaville.com').
  • User Name: Enter just the first part of your email address (the part before the @ sign).
  • Password: Enter your email password.
  • Re-enter password: Re-enter your email password.

6) Click 'Submit.'

If your BlackBerry account was successfully configured, you'll see the BlackBerry 'Email Accounts' page. You're finished!