Outlook Signatures

We have created a new signature for use with your Outlook email application.  Please follow the steps below for the appropriate system you use.


The first step is to download and run the email signature installer.  Click here to start 

For more detailed instructions Click Here


Installation on a Mac must be done manually so you will need to click here Margaritaville Online Signature V2.0 first.

Next, select & copy the contents. (Keyboard Shortcut: command + a, then command + c)

To create your signature, follow these steps. 
  1. Launch Outlook.
  2. Click Outlook on the menu and select Preferences.
  3. Open Signatures.
  4. Click on the plus sign [+] on the bottom left corner.
  5. Double-click Untitled to rename it, for example,to My Signature.
  6. Click to check the box next to "My Signature". See Picture 1.
  7. On the right hand side Paste the contents you copied earlier.  (Keyboard Shortcut:  command + v)
  8. Once you are done, click the Default Signatures button (See Picture 1) if you wish to make the signature you just created to be your default signature.
  9. In the window, select your email account.
  10. In the Default Signature click on the drop down arrow (See Picture 2) and select "My Signature" or the name of the signature you have created in step 5.
  11. Click OK.
  12. Close the Signature window.

Once added to your Outlook Signature you need to update the information in the signature.